The  Meat Naturally initiative in the northern Eastern Cape has been  driven by Conservation SA in partnership with local NGOs (LIMA, INR and ERS), as a collective under the Umzimvubu Catchment Partnership since 2013.


The rangeland restoration efforts by local partners and communities faced the question of HOW to sustain a sufficient supply of quality cattle off soundly managed rangelands, without dependence upon external funding.  CSA’s Meat Naturally Pty business model (MNP) provides a market context (buyers and revenue flow) for communal-rangeland ‘beef offtake’, implemented through the Rangeland Stewardship toolkit (see linked page). The model provides a scaffold for sustaining the supply: a pro-poor entrepreneurial enterprise with dual benefits for rural livelihoods and ecological infrastructure, with positive conservation and biodiversity outcomes, simultaneously building the resilience of both rural communities and the landscapes they depend upon.

Meat Naturally sustainability model



Protecting South Africa’s water for people and biodiversity- the Umzimvubu River Catchment Partnership Programme 


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