uMzimvubu Classification and setting Resource Quality Objectives

Mzimvubu Status Quo Delin Rep DRAFT 21022017

The maps below show Integrated Units of Assessment (IUAs) with sub-quats, which are being assessed and recorded in the spreadsheet below. Please submit comments (for relevant areas which affect you or you know well and care enough about) on the spreadsheet below by saving and sending to Dr. Patsy Sherman at patsy@itsnet.co.za by 31 March 2017


RU Spreadsheet March 2017 Info Meeting

Also note the opportunity to comment on the scenarios – see item 2.2 in the document below

Mzimvubu_Systems Modelling Report_DRAFT 15022017


Tsolobeng water pump spring now flooded by Siroqobeni weirWater sources & impacts overview for upper uMzimvubu ERS 2014

WRC Findings of the Research Study into the Umzimvubu







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